What is a Resume?

  • A resume is a professional document created by a person to present their background, skills, and accomplishments. In addition, it is a summary of one’s relevant education and job experience. People often have multiple resumes for different jobs and opportunities.

What is the purpose of a resume?

  • Having a completed resume can showcase your educational background, job experience and skills to future employers, internship supervisors, or colleges. 
  • Here is why you need a resume!

Who needs a resume?

  • Whether your postsecondary plans include attending college or getting a job, having a resume is vital for success. Showcasing your work in a specific field can be vital in being the difference between getting accepted into various programs, colleges, or job opportunities. 
  • Here are resume examples of people seeking all different types of positions such as college, sales positions, professional services and financial services.
  • Resume Examples for Each Career Field

How can I write an effective resume? 

When starting to write a resume, think about everything you have done in the past and make a list! Once you have made a list, you can break down where different experiences or jobs should be highlighted along the resume. 

Check out this resource in Naviance for assistance in creating a resume: Naviance Resume Builder