Student Enrollment

Students must be residents of Prince George’s County and have a valid student identification number in order to enroll in a public charter school and its lottery.

As a public charter school, the Chesapeake Math and IT Academy North High School accepts applications for vacant seats through PGCPS’ Charter School Office for students residing anywhere in Prince George’s County, Maryland. The school does not base admission on race, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, religion or disability. CMIT Academy North HS is non−sectarian in its programs, curriculum and operations. CMIT Academy North HS is a publicly funded school and does not charge tuition. CMIT Academy North HS adheres to all state and federal laws.

All applications to attend CMIT Academy North HS must be made online through the PGCPS Online Registration and Applications website. You can check the website for enrollment dates.

Application Process

For the purposes of enrollment, a child placed in a foster home in Prince George’s County whose enrollment has been authorized by the Department of Pupil Accounting and School Boundaries may be treated as a county resident.

CMIT Academy North HS accepts enrollment applications for vacant seats through PGCPS’ Charter School Office, during the open lottery application period. Specific deadlines for public charter school student lottery applications for the upcoming or following school year can be found at PGCPS Online Registration and Applications website. During the open application period, parents should consider applying to all public charter schools of interest to ensure that all opportunities to be selected in the charter school lotteries have been exercised. Lottery applications can be made by visiting PGCPS Online Registration and Applications website. CMIT Academy North HS will not be accepting any applications as all the applicants need to apply PGCPS directly. Make sure to select CMIT Academy North HS as your first choice.


Students who gain admittance through the public charter school random lottery will receive a placement offer letter.

The placement offer letter must provide parents with instructions for responding to the offer, the deadline for which to respond to the offer by accept or decline, alert for failing to respond, and enrollment and registration procedures. Failure to accept the placement by the deadline will be considered a decline of the placement.