Note: The information on this page is specific to the Dual ENrollment program through PGCPS. For information on the Information Technology Early College (ITEC) Program, reach out to the CMIT Academy North High School ITEC Coordinator, Ms. Tarver (
PGCPS has a partnership with Prince George’s Community College, however students may also take courses at other Maryland Institutions. For students who apply through the PGCPS Dual Enrollment program, all costs of tuition, fees, and books are covered.
Students who have met the eligibility requirements determined by each institution may begin taking courses starting the summer after their 10th grade year.
Students may meet eligibility requirements through one of two avenues:
  1. 2.5 Weighted GPA with qualifying SAT/ACT or Accuplacer Scores
  2. 3.0 Unweighted GPA (regardless of SAT/ACT or Accuplacer Scores)
Types of Courses Offered
  • Online: Students taking an online class can access course content 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and have discussions with their instructors and fellow learners using Blackboard.
  • Remote: Students that take a remote class will meet online via Blackboard Collaborate Ultra web conference platform at scheduled times with set deadlines and due dates. Students will access learning materials, assignments, and participate in discussions via Blackboard.
  • Hybrid: Students taking a hybrid class will engage in a combination of online/remote and face-to-face instruction. Students will complete their work assignments, discussions, research, and projects online at a flexible pace with the benefit of some scheduled face-to-face class time with professors and fellow students.
  • Traditional Face-to-Face: Students will meet synchronously face-to-face at designated time on one of the many Prince George’s Community College campuses.
All students may take remote, hybrid, or face-to-face sections. Students must complete at least 6 credits of PGCC courses with a 2.5 GPA in order to qualify for online sections.
How to Apply
To apply for PGCC for the Summer and/or Fall session, students must submit a completed application online by April 22, 2024 (opening on or after February 15, 2024).
Completed applications include:
  • Application
  • Course Selection (April 22, 2024 is the deadline to select courses for the Summer and Fall 2024 semesters)
  • Parent approval
  • New student orientation
  • SAT/ACT score report (if applicable – sent directly to PGCC by the student from College Board)
Please click here on or after February 15, 2024 to complete the application.
Below is a user guide for the new online platform that students can use to help with completing the application.  Students who qualify for the program will receive additional instructions from a PGCC COAST Coordinator or representative.  Also, check out PGCC’s website for updates and to find contact information for COAST Coordinators.
What Courses Should I Take?
If you would like individual advising about Course Offerings, please schedule a meeting with Dr. Gaudette and/or attend an Information Session. You may also review the following document: PGCC Dual Enrollment Recommended Courses
Dual Enrollment versus Dual Credit
Dual Enrollment is ANY course you take through a college while you are in high school. Dual Credit courses are specific courses approved by PGCPS for students to earn credit at both the high school level AND the college level. To earn dual credit, please select from the  PGCC Dual Credit Course List.
Dual Enrollment Replacement
For eligible students, Dual Credit courses can be used to substitute for required high school courses such as World History (HST1320), Environmental Science (BIO1110), Senior English (EGL1010), Fine Art (ART1570), and more! For more information about Dual Enrollment replacement, make sure to meet with Dr. Gaudette prior to applying for courses.
PGCC Eligibility based on GPA Only
Students with a 3.0 unweighted GPA or higher without Accuplacer/SAT/ACT scores qualify for the following courses:
  • Juniors (including the summer between 10th and 11th grade): courses on the Dual Credit list that have no prerequisite (most popular: COM1010, HST1320, PSY1010, SOC1010, BMT1010, ART1570, INT1010)
  • Seniors (including the summer between 11th and 12th grade): Courses on theDual Credit list that have no prerequisite, EGL1010 if you have successfully passed English 11, Math courses up to MAT1350 if you have successfully passed Algebra 2
Need Help with PGCC Enrollment?
Contact Dr. Gaudette at or check out the PGCPS Dual Enrollment Page..