SY 22-23 Grading and Retention Window


Grade Appeal Form & Guidelines

Grade Appeal Form is interactive and will be submitted via email during distance learning.

Grade Appeal form is used to allow parents/guardians students over age 18 or staff to request a grade change within five days of the release of report cards. After the form has been completed by the parent/guardian, the appeal form and supporting evidence will be submitted to the teacher, who will respond to the request.

Important procedures  from AP5116 to initiate the Grade Appeal successfully:

(AP5116: Administrative Procedures Grade Change Authorization and Appeals)

4.1.b. Grounds for Appeal Grade changes may only be initiated for the following reasons. In each case, proper documentation must be provided and attached to the Grade Appeal Form (Attachment A) and then to the PS-140 to support the request.

  1. Completion of make-up work. A copy of the completed make-up work must be scanned and attached to the PS-140;
  2. Error in grade entry or calculation in the teacher gradebook;
  3. Lawful absences as defined in COMAR and Administrative Procedure 5113 Student Attendance, Absence, and Truancy; or
  4. Failure to provide allowable accommodations, supplemental aid or services in accordance with a student’s IEP or 504 plan.

4.1.d.The parent, guardian, or student must submit a Grade Appeal Form to the teacher and principal identifying the reason for appeal with supporting evidence. 

4.1.e.Appeals that lack evidence supporting the concern will be denied.

Evidence includes, but is not limited to:

  • Written communication
  • Student work
  • SchoolMAX reports

How to Submit the Grade Appeal

Download the form, fill out, save, and send to the teacher via e-mail.

Make sure to attach all evidences in your email.

Keep Principal, Assistant Principals and Grade Manager in cc in your email.

Principal Mrs. Ozturk –
Assistant Principal Mrs.Colandrea –
Assistant Principal Dr. Gaskins –
Grade Manager Dr. Clarke –

Administrative Procedures (AP 5116) Grade Change Authorization and Appeals

Please find the most up to date AP-5116  here:
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